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Doctors thought Germanwings co-pilot was unfit to fly, prosecutor says (BELOW)

Doctors thought Germanwings co-pilot was unfit to fly, prosecutor says

“he was searching the Internet for ways to purchase a deadly drug cocktail of Valium and potassium cyanide” Prosecutor

Baltimore DJ claims he was attacked without provacation

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Steven Lemmerman known as “DJ Lemz” attacked in Baltimore

Baltimore police arrest two men in killing of 16-year-old girl

16 yr girl baltimore murder freddie grey gray

 9 Shot at Housing Complex; 1 Woman Struck While in Shower


Billionaire Cartier Boss Warns of Imminent Uprising, ‘Envy, Hatred’ of Poor People

Raging Bull producer dies aged 81
                                        ROBERT DE NIRO IN RAGING BULL